Osku Salerma


Software developer with 15+ years of experience. Python/C++/Java.

Non-work experience

Founded and ran a company during 2004-2006 that sold a program (written in Python) for writing movie screenplays. The program lives on as an open source project (Trelby), with me as the lead developer.

Contributed a patch to GCC adding support for the may_alias attribute, which can be used to bypass the aliasing rules in C/C++ on a per-variable basis, and minor participations in other free software projects (Subversion, Mercurial, etc).

Work experience

10/2016 - now, Development team lead, FISC. Sheffield, UK.

Worked as development team lead on software for car dealerships for finance customer lead management and retention. (Python / Django, Javascript / React, AWS).

7/2016 - 09/2016, Contractor, Amadeus IT Group. London, UK.

Worked on airline travel software (C++, /Linux).

11/2014 - 12/2015, Contractor, Bloomberg. London, UK.

Worked in the FXGO team implementing FX trading functionality. (C++/Javascript, Solaris/Linux). Wrote a bank simulator, added support for variable tag order in repeating groups to the Bloomberg-wide FIX parser library, integrated new clients, enhanced message database search functionality, etc.

12/2012 - 10/2014, Contractor, Bank of America Merrill Lynch. London, UK.

Worked in the Treasury / Corporate Funding team developing QzFunding, an application used by internal traders. (Python / Quartz). Implemented data exchange workflows between existing systems and QzFunding, trade booking functionality, credit limits checking, a web service for submitting trades, access control permissions, multiple different kinds of realtime reports of trading activity, etc.

2/2012 - 10/2012, Senior Software Developer, Eladian Partners. London, UK.

Developed automated quantitative trading systems in collaboration with traders and researchers. (C++, Linux)

5/2011 - 1/2012, Contractor, Bank of America Merrill Lynch. London, UK.

Worked in the FX Options team developing Concorde, an FX products structuring/pricing tool. (Python / Quartz)

6/2010 - 4/2011, Associate, Morgan Stanley. London, UK.

C++/Linux development and support in the Automated Order Fulfillment team.

9/2007 - 5/2010, Associate, Morgan Stanley. Tokyo, Japan.

C++/Linux development and support in the Equities Trading Infrastructure team. Software development team lead.

2/2007 - 8/2007, Senior Consultant, Fusion Systems Japan. Tokyo, Japan.

Team lead on a web-based survey application developed for a marketing company, and on associated applications for managing the surveys and analyzing the results. (Java, OLAP)

8/2005 - 1/2007, Software Engineer, Innobase. Helsinki, Finland.
Bought by Oracle 10/2005.

Worked on the InnoDB database storage engine (part of MySQL). (C/C++, Unix)

11/2002 - 7/2005, Software Engineer, Cardinal Systems. Helsinki, Finland.

Had a central role in designing, implementing and maintaining a complete digital TV transmission system on a C++/Linux platform that consisted of multiple multi-threaded processes interacting with each other and external software/hardware (PostgreSQL, DVB-ASI output cards, etc.) in soft real-time. Other items of note:


M.S. Computer Science, University of Helsinki