Here you can find information about books I've read, including short reviews on most of them. The rating system used is 1-5 stars, with some really exceptional books getting 6 stars. Note that the 1997-2000 reviews have wildly inflated scores compared to later reviews.

I do not list any "technical" books I read. While I read plenty of books about, for example, various aspects of computer programming, I don't want to list them here and even less want to say anything about them.


Several reasons: it enhances the reading experience as knowing I have to come up with something to say about the book forces me to focus more, it enables me to check what I thought about something 5 years ago, it's a great place for me to try out new web technologies, it allows interested people to easily monitor what I've been reading, and so on.


I have a separate page with details about the implementation.

Yearly lists: